It’s a Noisy World Out There: Here is Help to Turn It Off

it-is-a-noisy-world-out-thereYou might have noticed that over time I have written a lot of posts that somehow relate to noise.

For example, I have covered how noise directly affects memory and performance for students and professionals and how it affects our sleep.

I have also covered how sleep and memory consolidation are directly related. More noise means less deep sleep. But deep sleep is paramount to reorganizing what you have learned during the day and connecting it with other memories.

Being constantly exposed to disruptive noise at night and you can kiss the fruits of your hard learning good bye, despite becoming prolific at and using the best memory techniques.

Incessant noise also increases stress hormone levels: another killer of memory and well-being.

Noise is insidious. Exposing yourself to constant levels of more than 85 decibels doesn’t hurt; it’s quite easy with good headphones. But, over time it can wreak havoc on your hearing.

When I was a teenager, I was completely oblivious to what the ringing in my ears after a night in the disco or in front of a speaker wall actually meant. After all, the ringing was always gone in the morning. I even built some enormous speakers for my living room. That was then.

Over the years, I have become fascinated with solving noise problems and using sound more consciously to help me learn better and become happier.

About three months ago, I decided I needed more space for this ongoing project.

It was time for a blog to shut out the noise, and so came into being.

NoisyWorld focuses on:

  • Practical solutions for stopping obnoxious noise. This includes both general noise that impairs sleep, performance, and well-being and noise that is loud enough to damage hearing.
  • Using sound to improve sleep, performance and productivity, and happiness.

My flirtations with noise and insomnia

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Updated Version for Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest

Remember-Everything-Version-AlertI’ve spent quite some time during the past few months updating Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest. The new version is 1.1 and available on Amazon.

  • All illustrations, maps, screenshots, and tables have been redone with a higher resolution and color adjustments to allow for better viewing on the new Kindles and tablets. The book should, however, continue to work well on older Kindles and in the reading apps. New legends and call-outs have been added to make it as easy as possible to find stuff.
  • The illustrations and step-by-step guidelines for knowledge and information management have been updated to match the latest versions of the software tools. While the software and website changes haven’t been huge, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to follow the guidelines.
  • The formatting of the book has been loosened up. The book now also allows for a free choice of fonts on Kindles that support this.
  • The notes and bibliography sections have been expanded.
  • The section on the Phonetic Number System has been updated.
  • Various smaller improvements and corrections have been made throughout the book.

If you have already bought the book and would like to get hold of this updated version (1.1), please contact Amazon’s customer service and have them update the book in your library. I have done this successfully for several books (including this one) where I wanted to read an updated version. I usually use their chat function and they just walk me through the steps. You should not have to repurchase the book! In fact, if you delete and then repurchase the book, you will likely get the version you already had (Amazon keeps track of this).

How do you know whether you already have version 1.1? If your book doesn’t contain the line “Kindle Version 1.1” in the copyright section, you have version 1.0.

Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest Version-ImageFirst-time buyers of the book will of course automatically get the newest version (i.e., version 1.1) delivered to their Kindle and library.

Thank you very much for your feedback, your good wishes, and for supporting Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest.

Have a wonderful day!


Book Launch: Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest


Dear Friends,Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest

I am delighted to announce that my book – Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest – has been launched on Amazon Kindle.

UPDATE, Thursday, May 12: Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest (version 1.1) is available on Amazon. This is the time to read it!

What is this book is all about?

It is a no-nonsense guide for anyone who wishes to improve their memory and learning and acquire powerful techniques and tools to organize information from all kinds of sources.

It merges highly effective learning and memory improvement techniques with information and knowledge management to provide a complete solution for students, professionals, and life-long learners. The techniques are accompanied by easy-to-follow examples.

Memorizing Information is not enough

Many memory books claim, “You are only using 10% of your brain.” “Create a memory palace and multiply your brainpower.” Yes – mnemonic techniques work and are fascinating. You can use them to memorize a large number of facts or foreign language vocabulary fast and with confidence. They allow you to give a speech to the point completely from memory. Mnemonics are a real time saver, so we cover the most effective memory improvement techniques and accompany them with easy-to-follow examples.

But contrary to what some people might claim, you will forget a large part of this information after a relatively short time if you don’t use it. This is just how the brain works. You have to reinforce what you want to keep. Did you know that you have to spend about 50% of your learning time practicing recall to create a reliable long-term memory? And you have to do this over time.

We take an in-depth look at the most powerful memory technique of all – Reviewing by practicing recall using effective methods and modern computer software.

What’s more, information and knowledge management are equally important for modern learners:

These days an enormous amount of information is available on the Internet, in databases, and in huge libraries. A lot of this information will be outdated in a few years. You’d better not “store” everything in your brain. Remember, you need a considerable time to keep the information there. Most of it you shouldn’t even download to your computer or smartphone.

This book shows you how to extract the important information and organize what is relevant for your business, research, or studies, so that you can re-find it with ease while it is relevant. We introduce smart and mostly free computer applications allowing you to distill and manage information from all kinds of sources with the click of a few buttons.

In this book, you learn:

  • Highly effective memory improvement techniques: Learn and review faster, pass exams, memorize foreign language vocabulary with confidence, and improve your memory in all areas of your life.
  • Methods and mostly free computer software to distill, organize, and review information from all kinds of sources.
  • How to re-find your information with ease, build your personal digital library, and create bibliographies for your own writing by clicking only a few buttons.
  • How to take and manage notes in innovative ways, including techniques such as mind mapping and outlining.
  • How to improve your attention span and concentration and beat absentmindedness and stress.

So this is it.

If you like what you are reading, check out Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest on Amazon.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read this book. In fact, I think it looks great in the Kindle App. Just download the Amazon Kindle App, which is available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Thank you very much for all your support!

Have a great day,

Helmut Sachs

Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest

Remember Everything You Want and Manage the RestDear Friends,

I have written a book titled “Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest” which is due to come out in early April 2013. I want you to read it. 🙂

Update 30 April, 2013:

I am delighted to announce that the book has been launched on Amazon Kindle. Thank you all for your great support!

Click here for the book launch post and the latest news.

It is a no-nonsense book for students, professionals, life-long learners, and everyone else who wants to improve their memory and learn powerful techniques to take notes and organize information from all kinds of sources. It merges classical learning and memory improvement techniques and modern computer tools in an effective way.

Memorization is Not Enough

Most traditional memory books focus exclusively on memorizing something. Continue reading