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My name is Helmut SachHelmut Sachs • RememberEverythings. I have created RememberEverything to make information a blessing. The aim of this website is to help you to improve your memory and learning, your ability to extract the important information, and manage what you know. Whether you want to become more confident and successful in your job or daily life, as a student, or as a life-long learner, I am convinced you can benefit from this site. We are covering techniques, tools, and background info empowering you to claim back control over information and ultimately your life.

The potential rewards are numerous, and include confidence in your ability to memorize and learn information fast, confidence in your ability to concentrate, and the power to manage what you know and decide what you better leave to the Internet.

They say, these days it is more important to know how to find it, than to actually know it. This may be true to some extent, and information (at least in some areas) gets created and becomes outdated at an enormous pace. A person in the 21st century has to become information literate, that is, he has to gain the skills and use tools allowing him / her to find, select, and manage the important information in this information jungle.However, ultimately we are all still guided by our brain when we make important decisions, so what we have learned and committed to memory still matters, and is going to continue to matter for as long as humans are managing their own future. All web sites, books, and libraries in this world aren’t going to pass your next exam, perform a brain surgery, remember the presentation you are going to give, or where you have parked your car.

To be successful in this world then, it is crucial to make the best use of our brains, and the information sources around us.

Who am I? For the last several years, I have been teaching creative and critical thinking and information literacy at colleges and in workshops. My educational background is in computer science, which is a wonderful field if you want to become an efficient life-long learner. There is simply no way to keep up with the changes without effective learning and knowledge management techniques.

In my professional career, I have been a network and systems designer, administrator, project manager, manager, and for the last several years, a teacher, trainer, and mentor.
I very much enjoy studying and learning, and have spent a significant part of my life doing it.

I hope, you will find this website useful, and wish you a wonderful day.

Helmut Sachs

We welcome your feedback. Please contact us if you need more information or have any questions about this website.


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