Using Diigo to Collect, Highlight, Annotate, and Share Web Pages – Part 1

diigo-sticky-notes-RememberEverythingOrgWhether you are writing a paper or article, planning a holiday, or checking house prices for your move to a new city, you are likely going to do an internet search using Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and then browse the search results yielding numerous web pages and forum discussions. Many of the pages contain some valuable information you will want to collect. While reading a page, you might come across important passages you want to highlight or annotate to capture your ideas related to that information.
Consequently, during the course of your internet research, you are likely going to have visited anywhere between 5 and 100 different web sites.

No matter for what project you are doing your web research, you are going to face similar questions as to how to manage all this information: Continue reading